A Night Cap

Is there anything better then waking up after a night of moderate drinking, for work, and not have a hang over? No, there cant be.

As I sat in my midtown Manhattan office yesterday my boyfriend (who I call toasty) asked me on a date, as he still does, and of course I said yes! I seriously feel like a school girl every time he asks me to dinner, I might have found myself a keeper (shhhh). Five marks the end of my work day and I enthusiastically left the office with dinner and a movie in mind. Trying to beat the after work rush I stumble into Starbucks and grab our signature lemonades because what good girlfriend comes over empty handed?

We are always late. No matter how early we leave, what time we set out on leaving, or how prepared we might think we are, we’re just always late. I’ve learned to take it in stride, it hardly bothers me anymore. This might be one of the sole reasons I hate making plans, the pressure of having a set in stone time almost gives me the shakes. We aimed to leave around 7 and that of course didn’t happen, in true “us” fashion. Regardless though we went with the flow. Living in NYC comes with its perks and the subway system is one of them when you aren’t sorting through the smells of a packed car. Even when you are its still a beautiful place. I have lived here almost all my life and it never ceases to amaze me what humans can create, a whole pathway connecting all 8.4 million people to one other in under 20 minutes, tops. It was a beautiful fall night so we decided to city gaze and walk through the east village, over to the west. My Jessica Simpson booties were made for walking, and I did not let them down.

There are way too many good places to eat in NYC let me just say that. On our walk we passed maybe 10 places we wanted to try and so we decided to make a list. Every time we see a place we want to try, we put it on the list. Last night two restaurants made it on there. Three failed reservations, several menu dissections, and 30 blocks later we settled on a cute hole in the wall restaurant right off of Spring street on 6th avenue. A small, quite, but busy place named “Ciccio“. Candle lit and flower scented, we sat at a cute corner table in the back. I an a kid restaurateur, and so is Toasty, and I wont say that we are a tough crowd but we definitely know what to look for. New York restaurants have all become very “new age”. What I mean by that is this very industrial rugged looking feel they all have going on. Exposed brick walls half painted, ceiling ducts sticking out for aesthetic purposes, wood benches made of scrap, and here we are lookin’ fancy paying pretty pennies for half-assed-ness. Fine dinning is gone, and so are the days of elegant establishments. Good company outshines all this decor though, and the menu made up for any eyesores.

A wonderful meal was consumed and washed down by delicious cocktails. We are fans of a good cocktail and ours satisfied both our pallets. I went easy though, only two even though I wanted more. Best behavior Nora, you have work tomorrow. My lamb ragu Spaghetti was uh-maze and my boyfriends chicken/prosciutto dish was nothing less. Full bellied we walked out and ventured off into the NYC night, ripe with possibility. A movie didn’t sound like a good idea to us anymore, how could we waste a fleeting warm night in a cold theater?

Toasty picked out a cool cocktail place called “Pegu Club“. We were walking and though we had missed it, when as in the quintessential movie scene we were standing right in front of it and the cool red lion(?) on the door caught my eye. We walked up two flights of dimly lit steps. not long ones, and I could hear toast saying “ohhh I like this already” behind me. This place was a nice dark space over looking W Houston if you could catch a table by the windows. We sat in the back, of course in the darkest area you could find. We like it like that. Their cocktail menu was extensive and contained a bunch of Gin. I’m a vodka girl, but the dude likes gin so he was happy. Me not so much. I managed to find a cocktail with a buncha grapefruit vodka and all this other interesting stuff. It was delicious. I ordered 3 of them, and there goes me worrying about work the next day. Toast decided to try a few different ones, hes adventurous, but didn’t like the last two so much. One was really really bitter and the other seemed to taste like licorice. Maybe the Aperol?  Our waitress was a pretty lady with a nose ring I kept mentioning to Toasty because I liked it. When I was 19, i pierced my nose and gave my mother a slight stroke (shes dramatic). I took it out and have missed it ever since. Those sweet sweet 48 hours I got to keep it. The atmosphere of this place was really cool. I liked the decor and the whole feel. It is a little swank if I must say so, but worth trying. One thing that rubbed me the wrong way is that we returned one drink and they didn’t comp us for it. We had to ask to have it removed. I dunno, I think if someone doesn’t drink something and returns it almost untouched you take it off their check. That is that.  We shared a couple of good laughs and conversation then headed back to his base. We were tired and missed Biggie! plus little man needed a walk.


We took a cab home and I walked Biggie while Toasty handled some business stuff. I shacked up in bed with my kindle soon after. I’ve been reading “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins and i’m a little disappointed. I’ve read so many rants and raves about this book yet its so flat to me. Its a good read, if you’re bored, but not a “wow” kind of book. Skip it honestly. I’m reading more because I haven’t been able to look up another read, busy busy bee.

Till next time love,


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