Black Rock Originals : The Safety Case

I work in finance. I eat out a lot. I take the train. I live in a busy city, so being around people is apart of my daily life. On my down time I’m a bit of a connoisseur. You can pretty much call me a pot princess. Being the busy girl I am I like to keep my extra curricular activities concealed a bit, smell is what concerns me most.

For on the go storage I was using my Minivac for a while. I loved it and it works great, but its transparent and a bit bulky. While discussing this with Toast he suggested a case he came across by Black Rock Originals. The Safety Case is what he was referring to and he ordered us two of them (sweet man).

On the website they’re available to order empty for $49.95 or stocked for 69.95. There are four different color logos you could choose from, but in true me fashion all black is always the winner. We opted for the stocked one because why not? and a few days later our pretty packages came.

Photo Nov 11, 8 39 56 PM

When you order it stocked there’s a few extra goodies in there for you. Basically you get a lighter, two little containers they call “pebbles”, a grinder card, a king sized rolling paper, and a smaller rolling paper. Unfortunately I have been using the case already for about a month now and have lost my lighter so it is not pictured below. 

Photo Nov 11, 8 38 59 PM

When I first opened this up and took a look I did not think that it would serve its purpose. Really sleek, slim, and feels great. It can be compared to a sun glass case but a bit flatter. This is great for on the go, for sure pocket friendly. In my experience with these types of zip cases there is always a bit of smell radiating from it, I was skeptical. Lets just sayy I love it! This thing is great.

I have a few friends who are hounds for the smell of Cannabis. They hate it actually, so once they get a whiff of it they start to get all sensitive. This case tricked them, but not when they whiffed right at the zipper line. As far as being smell proof this case holds up with the best of them. I don’t think smell really starts pushing through until you open the zipper up.  I keep my pebbles in the case, strapped into their designated straps, with two different types of strains in them usually. The pebbles hold just enough flowers to pack a one hitter, and thankfully this case housed mine perfectly. I have left flowers in these types of silicone cases before that really dried them out but the people at Black Rock managed to find out how to stop that. Trees still fresh even after a week of keeping them in the pebble, if it survives the week. The card grinder is great and has come in handy, nothing out of the ordinary though.

Photo Nov 11, 8 37 12 PM

All in all a great case. Elevate your weed game as much as you want to elevate yourself and get this case. As I said earlier, its been about a month of me using it and it shows no wear at all. If your case for some reason happens to get mangled, there is a two year warranty on it. If I lost mine I would repurchase in a heart beat. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great looking, great sized, smell proof case for busy buds.

Till Next Time Loves


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