Miss May I & Parkway Drive

If I could go to concerts for a living, I would. I know that sounds far-fetched but there is something about the atmosphere when everyone is intoxicated by sound that really makes me come alive. Although I catch myself at every metal show in the tri-state area, I enjoy every concert, and every genre of music. This particular one is a metal show though, so my apologies if that’s not your favorite typa jamz

Line up at Irving Plaza:

If you’ve ever been to Irving Plaza you know its a great place. Its not a huge venue which allows for a great crowd, and three bars that keep your thirst quenched. There are also three floors, two of which the show is visible from. The third floor is a balcony area and if you like to just watch this is the place for you. If you are a pit junkie, you should be downstairs on the floor, which is usually where I can be found. To the right of the floor Irving has two elevated surfaces that are usually packed because they offer a better view of the show but none of the pushing or shoving from the pit. Toast and I found a good spot against a railing so we posted up here, with the occasional drink run or merch scope.

I like to get to the event a bit later than normal set times because living in NYC these lines can get extensive, annoying to wait on, and its cold out here now so why stand outside? Toast and I weren’t particularly interested in the first band playing and ill planning left us not seeing Thy Art is Murder either. We walked in just as they were getting off and Toast was pissed. Womp Wompppp all good though, he compensated for not seeing the show by buying two of their shirts. I didn’t stop to see who, but one of their band members was signing things and greeting fans around 10-15 minutes after they got off stage. I always appreciate that.

So here we are, waiting around full of booze for Miss May I to come on. I’ve  seen MMI two previous times. The first time was great, so great that I remember not wanting them to get off stage, I was surprised. The second time I remember leaving less than thrilled. They were just off, like maybe had a bad day off, or maybe didn’t wanna be doing this anymore off, just not what they were the first time. This third time was awful. I mean like really not great at all. Their show was over all weak, no exciting lights, no exciting jumping around, I could hardly hear the vocalist. Poor dude looked like he was running out of energy anyway. I wanted to hope that the volume on his mic needed to be turned up, any type of mechanical issue, I was really rooting for these dudes.

I was proven wrong when Parkway Drive got on stage because they sounded AMAZING. I have had the pleasure of seeing them twice and they never disappoint. Their light show was pretty solid, their vocals sounded straight off the actual track, and the pit was strong with their vocalists encouragement. Honestly, the crowd at this show had a LOT of energy. I was quite surprised when I noticed a good majority of the people there ranged in ages from 16-21. This particular genre of music has died out a bit but seeing younger people there gives me hope its being revived. I also love this group of dudes in general. They’re really chill friends who used to jam together in Australia. I watched a documentary on YouTube that I linked here a bit ago about them, worth the watch.  I purchased a cute Parkway Drive tank-top from their merch station as I like to do with every concert I attend. My kids are gonna have plenty of vintage band t’s to rip up, if they can get them out of my grip first 😉

We headed to the Smith once the show was done for a nice late dinner, love that place. All in all a wonderful night. Here are some snippets I managed to catch in the chaos…

Photo Nov 14, 9 23 21 PM

Parkway Drive above

Photo Oct 17, 10 01 05 PM

Miss May I above

Photo Nov 14, 9 12 08 PM

While each band was switching sets they shined the lights for Paris, metal heads all chanted “FUCK ISIS” together.





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