Last minute plans are always the most…interesting. Banks + Travis Scott + The Weeknd

Its a normal Tuesday in my midtown east office, when I get a text from my girl, let’s call her Jane. Jane is a good friend of mine who I was introduced to a few months after she moved to NYC. Since then her and I have been those friends that you hit up when you know your plans are a little too reckless for anyone else.  Anyone who knows me generally thinks of me as an “always down” kinda chick anyway, but she might have even my free spirit beat. I love her because shes also smart, she just gets it.

So Jane asked me if I would like to see the Weeknd that night at MSG with her. A week prior to her asking me I actually looked for tickets myself. The show was sold out and I really did not feel like spending 250 on nose blood seats. I eagerly excepted her offer. Her and I always manage to get into something fun. She said that we were going to be going with a group of friends and they wanted us to meet them at bar Hugo for some drinks and appetizers beforehand. Sounded great. Around 6pm I met her at her school and we headed over to the hotel.

Photo Nov 16, 6 58 19 PM
View downtown from bar Hugo


This place was pretty nice. Spiffy dressed gentlemen that opened the doors for us pointing to the right elevator. The elevator whisked us away to the top floor where Jane’s friend, Jack, was sitting with the group. An interesting mix of people. We were probably the two youngest ones there, not that it matters. After ordering one of everything on the menu as far as appetizers, we had a few drinks and went downstairs to wait for the car. Instead of getting into a few private cars Jack happened to rent a limo. Here comes the prom vehicle, a stretch hummer. I actually laughed a significant amount when I heard what we would be getting there in. Its great, and I wasn’t taking the free show/food/ride for granted, but it was just a bit overwhelmingly silly to me. Jack is a successful entrepreneur and one of those dudes that thinks he needs to pay for everything for people to like him.

Jack informed us all in the limo that he still had two extra tickets that he didn’t want to go to waste. This was a great show and we were in a suite after all. I quickly texted Toast and a few friends to see who could get to MSG the quickest. Toast unfortunately was working and a few friends weren’t in the area but one of my friends who I was hoping was free answered to say that she was on her way!! YAY! Once we got to MSG we headed to the VIP entrance so that we could go to our suite. MSG checks everyone, thoroughly, so we waited while men tore apart our purses. Once done we got upstairs to our suite. It was bitter sweet being in a suite – haha. They had a  full bar of booze and amazing s’mores cookies. Our own private bathroom, seats, and hangout area. The only reason I say that its bitter sweet is because they don’t have the best views. I guess its more about comfort, but you’re pretty far from the show and the best way to see the performance is to watch it on screen.

Banks was on while we were walking in and getting situated. We ran in poured drinks and sat down. The suite fortunately had its own seating area but again, the view was not the best. Only one of us was interested in banks so she watched while Jane and I walked around the room trying to make friends. One of the ladies there was a TV producer for a real estate show. Jane, her, and I got along well. She wouldn’t stop raving about ‘what I would do if I were your age’. I know people love to say that and she probably meant it..but hearing it over and over is annoying. It even starts to make you feel a bit guilty weirdly enough.

Travis Scott came and went. None of us were that interested in him. Honestly we were all catching up and mingling so Mister Scott’s performance wasn’t missed, sorry bruh. The Weeknd got on stage with a bang, literally. Huge lights, loud noises, and confetti. His whole performance was phenomenal. I really do think that the Weeknd is our generations Michael Jackson. He sounds like him, dances like him, and is all mysterious in that super start way. I sat during his whole performance in-awe because I love him. In my opinion, the Weekend’s fame is well deserved. This kid climbed and crawled his way to the top. He has been around for a while, or at least I’ve known about him for a while, and has only recently been “making it big”. I have followed him a long time and just never gotten around to seeing him. Disappointed that I haven’t before, SO happy that I got to now, and absolutely will make the effort to again. Next time i’ll make sure i’m front and center. Once more, the suite is just too far for my liking; I want to see whats going on on stage.

Once the show was over, the liquor was gone, and the s’mores cookies were eaten, Jane, Jane2, and I left. We were having such an amazing time chip-chatting that we parked a seat on the steps of MSG and talked for another hour. The show was great, but the company was better. I love catching up with great people and love even more having them come together. As I said earlier my friends and I like to have fun, but we’re also smart, and creative. As we pitched business ideas to each other the clock passed 12 and I had work at 7 the next morning. Jane got into a cab and headed home. Jane2 and I got on a train together, she was a few stops after me. Stumbled home and into work the next morning to write this. A wonderful night. Last minute plans are definitely the most interesting.

Photo Nov 16, 10 49 53 PM (1)

Photo Nov 16, 11 12 16 PM (1)

Photo Nov 16, 10 47 24 PM

Photo Nov 16, 10 51 25 PM (2)

Photo Nov 16, 11 12 01 PM




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